North Texas Celtic Strings.

String Ensemble in DFW

North Texas Celtic Strings is educational music program for kids and adults! We started at the fall of 2022, currently on a break for the Spring semester, but enrollment is open for our Fall semester of 2024! If you or your kid play(s) violin or how we call it fiddle, viola or cello you might be interested to sign up for our Celtic String Ensemble!  

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Adult class. Fall semester of 2023

Kids class Spring semester of 2023

Kids class
Adult class
We are learning Irish, Scottish, Canadian and American tunes * in different genres with special technique like rolls, triplets, grace notes and much more. We are not limited to learn only tunes, but groove and chords to be able to support each other and accompany melody! We will learn by ear and it’s great opportunity for ear training!
* Some of the tunes we learn adopted into American Traditional Music.
What’s needed:
-Instrument – violin, viola or cello
-Intermediate instrumental skills

“I don’t know my level…” Let’s find out! Click here!

-Willing to learn music by ear!
-Free zoom session or a Video recording is required to determine your level. 

Information about the class

Location and date of the recital will be posted closer to the semester start time!

North Texas Celtic Strings Fall Semester will start
at the end of August, 2024 (26th and 31st), and will continue on
Group one: Mondays 5pm-6pm (adults)

Group two: Saturdays 11am-12pm (mixed)
 We don’t have separate kids group for now. But it could change. Schedule setup is due July 15th.  Although students can be added later up until September 15. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact NTCS (SignUp button). We would like to hear your availability! 
Location for classes – Community Unitarian Universalist Church (Plano, TX)
Location for recital – TBA

Fall semester, 15 weeks (including recital), about 4-5 months. Each class is only $25 value.
Tuition for the semester is  $375
Monthly option is available also – $50-100 depends on the month.
Please contact North Texas Celtic trings with those buttons below. 

If you choose video submission – please submit piece/tune of your choice in a medium to fast tempo (Youtube link, Google drive or DropBox). Click orange button below. 

If you want to schedule the appointment online via ZOOM or ask any other questions you can either use the form (orange button below) or WhatsApp button (green button)

North Texas Celtic Strings history:

Kids class Fall semester of 2022

History of NTCS

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

KeyReel Raskolenko has the Artist Diploma from Texas Christian University (2018). He earned his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Gnesin’s Russian Academy of Music (2005).

KeyReel has started his pre college education in 1989 and later has been performing across Europe, Asia and North America,  for nearly 30 years. His musical experience is vast and includes classical solo, chamber, symphony orchestra, Celtic, swing, and improvisational music. His experience in teaching started in 2007 with Classical and then Celtic music. Besides this program, KeyReel gives private violin, fiddle, and viola lessons, which include not only playing the instrument, but also a basic theory and other things helping to grow as a musician. 

Check more at

The program is for both! However we have two separate classes with separate time schedule. At the end of the semester, when we play recital, they are combined and sharing some tunes, not necessarily entire program, it depends. 

Unfortunately we don’t offer anything for Double Bass for now.

We might open enrollment  for basses later, but not at this time. 

It is what we call Celtic Music, common term for Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton, and as part of Canadian and American Traditional Music. 

So it is instrumental compositions, tunes, historically mostly played for dances and nowadays can be played as concert pieces! Slow tunes  though, more like songs played on the instrument.

Tunes are usually grouped in the set of same genre, sometimes mixed genres.

And then usually played as the set, not each tune individually. Separate tune composition is common for slow tunes or special music arrangement. 

Most of the time it could be very confusing and stressful to be in the program if you are the beginner.

How about you still send us a message, fill out the form and maybe we can think about  starting beginner class!?

Also we can start private lessons first, focusing on proper holding and playing simple tunes, learning basics. 

Fill the form anyway

Private lessons page is here


We have different options:

Short answer – NO.*

The goal is to teach kids to play by ear. So we don’t use music, instead we train our ears in the class. In this way it is better to hear and reproduce all the details needed for Traditional music.

* Sheet music could be provided later in the program if needed. Just keep in mind that in this kind of music it’s just a skeleton, reminder of the notes and rhythm without any further details. Here is an example:
Tune Example

We usually cover at least about three sets of music. Sometimes more. It is about from 8 to 14 tunes, from the experience of the programs in previous semesters. Winter semester of 2023 we covered 5 sets for example. 

We play recital at the end of each semester. Location is different for each semester. Plano, Allen and McKinney – that was from previous recitals. It’s being recorded and you will have your copy as well. Also it is supported by the band, so students can experience the real feel of traditional music community on the stage!

We have different options. Zelle, PayPal, checks and cash.

Payment schedule is either for the semester or monthly. 

Please sign up using this form

If you have any question please use WhatsApp button at the top or using this form.